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♪ go crazy, ♪ i said let's go crazy. >> next on abc7 news, duelingly demonstrations mark the anniversary of the row v. wade abortion decision. plus, people who lived through the connecticut school massacre, join an anti-gun rally in washington. and an inmate strolls from jail without beinginoid for nearly a week. those stories and a
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>> abc7 news starts right now, with live, breaking news.
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>> good evening, everyone. we have breaking news tonight, out of menlo park. police are investigating a shooting, at least one person was hit at willow road and bayfront expressway, the leadup to the dun barton bridge. details are still emerging right now. we have a crew on the way. join us on abc7 news at 11:00 for the latest breaking details. an anti-abortion rally drew tens of thousands of supporters and counter protesters to san francisco today. abc7's tomas ramon shows us the dueling rally. >> reporter: the ninth annual walk for life was a hiewmg success, according to organizers, measure 40,000 people filled the plaza on the 40th anniversary of row versus wade. jennifer o'neill spoke about her regrets of having an abortion. >> we cannot be luke warm in
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such a time as this, more than ever, we need to stand up and be heard. >> reporter: she says she is a member of silent no more. pope benedict subject his ambassador to personally send his message, regarding row versus wade. >> nobody has right to kill another human being. in any moment of his life. >> reporter: at 1:30, the group marched from civic center, down market street. the crowd was so large, it took the better part of an hour to clear the plaza. earlier in the day, a pro-choice rally commemorating was in herman justice plaz amount of it's our body, we should be able to make that decision. >> reporter: more than 300 people listened to speakers and music. sandra fluke, called a slut by rush limbaugh when she addressed congress about contraception, came from los angeles to address the crowd. >> we have to keep defending row and the right for women to make decisions about their bodies,
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legally. >> reporter: the pro-choice supporters were gone by the time pro-life supporters reached their destination at the plaz a. two people were arrested, otherwise, the protest and march were peaceful. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> authorities rescued two people who fell into the san francisco bay after a boat collision. a tug boat escorting a barge ran into a sailboat near the golden gate bridge. two people fell in the water as their sailboat sank. the coast guard found them and pulled them free. investigators are trying to determine what throbbed that accident. a chp officer is expected to be okay after crashing in oakland today. investigators say the officer was responding to an emergency call. he lost control of his cruiser, slamming into a poll on the 11th and broadway. he was treated for minor injuries. one man is dead after a police chase in the east bay ended in a crash. officers spotted a stolen suv
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early this morning in el cerrito. the driver took off, leading them on a chase on i-80 and 580 and to the oakland hills, where the suv lost control. it had the a curb, slammed into a tree, upside down, before it flipped back upright. two people took off running. police grabbed one of them, a 19-year-old from san leandro. the other got away. one man inside vehicle died. fiveth others were injured. a bomb scare in san francisco's north beach neighborhood cleared out the street this is afternoon. a metallic briefcase with wires hanging out was found near vallejo and stockton at one:40 today. police ordered a sheltener place, near chinatown, while they investigated and they shut down the broadway and tockton tunnels. a police bomb squad robot took care of the briefcase and the streets re-opened a short time later. the nationwide tug-of-war over gun control continued today,
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activist marched the streets of wash d. c, while gun enthusiastslin lined up to buy -- enthusiastists lined up to buy weapons that may be banned. >> reporter: thousands of gun control activists marched in the nation's capitol, despite freezing temperatures. >> it's about connecting guns to what guns do. >> reporter: several residents from newtown, connecticut, joined the rally. a gunman killed his mother and then 20 first graders and 6 teachers and himself in their town last month. >> you are bearing witness. >> any parent who has a gun in the house, they really -- whatever it is -- they have to think about why they have that gun there. you know? it's time for -- it's time for people to maybe have to give up -- give up those guns. >> reporter: or try to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. >> this is about gun responsibility. this is about gun safety.
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this is about fewer dead americans, fewer dead children, fewer children living in fear. >> reporter: pro-gun activists took to the streets oppo obama'r gun control and safety in rallies across the u.s. last weekend. fears that gun ownership may be restricted is putting a run on gun shows, like this one in georgia. >> people are looking for the thing there's are going to be banned. >> a lot of our freedoms are under the gun -- pardon the pun. >> reporter: older guns are being turned in. at this gun buy-back in bridgeport, connecticut. seattle's drive-through gun buy-back program was a victim of success, running out of gift certificates. another gun buy-back is planned for the near future. >> a gun buy-back program in santa mateo netted 680 firearms today. the crowd was so large, organizers started an hour earlier than treased.
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people received their 100 for a handgun or a rifle and $200 for an assault weapon. organizers received 24 assault weapons. they handed out more than $63,000 today. advertising banner created quite a mess in an fran today. after hour, power has been restored to nearly 2,000 customers. the banner fell off a plane and landed on power lines near fifth and brandon street. crews shut down the streets while they removed the banner. no word on what caused it to fall from the plane, but there were strong wind gusts in the area. a man in michigan walks free from jail, no one even noticed for five days. why authorities had no clue he was missing. plus, a pesky intruder invades a college hoops game. and former warrior monte ellis host his former teammate who is came out on top. >> parts of the bay area right
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>> that's it, they are all gone. 49 season ticketholders who lucked out in a special lottery have scooped up the last of the tram's super bowl tickets, lining up at candlestick box office, paying about $1,000 a ticket to go to the big game. you can find tickets, but they will cost about $1900 a pop. one lucky man from walnut creek won't pay a thing. terry white won a twitter give-away contest from the ceo,
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ed york, who was looking for the most deserving fan. white has been to all five of the 49ers' previous super bowls. we have a team heading to the super bowl. our sports director and anchor will be there. shoe is a former 49er, with a super bowl ring of his own -- if you didn't know, now you know. and wayne freedman and katie morris-lowe are sure to bring you the best coverage. we will be tweeting behind the scenes updates at abc7 news, bay area. hundreds are killed in egypt after a court decision. and a man who escaped from jail is not noticed for nearly a week. those stories up next. plus, rain could be in our future. meteorologist lee glasser is next with the accu-weather forecast. >> two games interest a four-game road trip. and it ain't going well. they lost in chicago last
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>> this is abc7 news. >> dozens of people in egypt have been killed in violent riots, sparked after a judge sentenced 21 people to death in connection with a soccer fight last year that killed 74 fans. family and supporters rush to the streets after today's ruling, clashing with police who fired tear gas and bird shot at the crowd. 27 people were killed, more than 400 were injured. authorities in michigan are on the search for an escaped prisoner, the man left a jail in detroit by switching identities with another inmate. mark greenblat has the story.
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>> reporter: tonight, a nationwide manhunt is on, as u.s. marshals call the man in gray a dangerous career criminal and say he keeps escaping from jail. 34-year-old rocky delgado marquez walked out of jail, after he switched identity bracelets with another inmate, scheduled for release. they caught up with him 2,000 miles away in detroit, where they found him with a loaded ak-47 like this. but it took him just six days inside the wayne county jail before he escaped yet again. the jails are having a hard time keeping rocky incarcerated. >> he's somehow getting inmates to cooperate with him to use their identities to walk out of jail. >> reporter: he pulled off the latest vanishing act just last sunday, and the ruse went undeteched for days, with no one catching on until friday. >> i am confident that rocky will once again be behind bars.
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>> marquez was originally arrested in september 2010 for drunk driving. the charges stemming from that case included suspicion of perjury, influencing a witness and forgery. >> where has all the warm weather gone? [laughter] >> yesterday, we were in the 60s. >> yeah. >> today, boy, we got on the back side of a cold front and the north westerly winds, the cold, north westerly winds moved in here this afternoon. and the temperatures tumbled, as much as 15 degrees in some locations. a live look now at downtown san francisco. we have clear sky in the city. but let me show you the live doppler 7hd with sprinkles showing up as we scan live, taking you up to the south and west of fort bragg, starting to push inland, just a little bit. slight chance, mainly the higher
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elevations, could possibly see a sprinkle or two, a lot of cold air associated with this, and cold air is not conducive to holding a lot of moisture. so some of this may evaporate before it reaches the ground. right now, it is cold out there, with 43 in santa rose a49 in san francisco. 50 in free mofnlt 48 in antioc and mountainview, 49 degrees. it will be colder overnight tonight. chance of sprinkles, mainly the higher elevation and a cool day, windy day, heading into sunday afternoon. after that, folks, each day next week, we will gradually warm up and by the later part of next week, it look like the temperatures will rebound into the upper 60s. satellite radar, here's the next impulse. you can see it sliding south, this is some of the radar returns we are picking up. some of that could reach the bay area by the early morning. otherwise, look for 30s in the north bay and low 40s, 46 in
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san francisco. and 38 overnight low, for mountainview. here's a look at what happened today. this is the cold front that brought us a few cloud this is morning. a few drop, mainly south of san jose. it has push to the south and the east. then we are on the back side of the system. it's this component, right here, an area of low pressure, that will continue to usher in very cold air tonight, as well as tomorrow. so tomorrow, colder day. it will be windy and we gallon with some sunshine, though. but it won't be enough to heat you up, very much. here's the forecast, 11:00 tonight, just a few scattered showers. mainly sprinkles, i should say, the higher elevation, by 3:00, the impulse moves to the south and most of the activity stays off the coast. and then by 7:00 in the morning, that system pushes off toward the south and we should start to see some clearing and it looks like a terrific day tomorrow with plenty of sunshine. the highs for sunday, only in the 50s.
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56 in santa rosa, nap abreezy. 55 degrees. the chill will be in the air in san francisco. 54, 54 in the east bay, 56 in san jose, we are looking at 56 in morgan hill and salinas, 57 degrees. here's a look ahead. monday, nota lot of change. it will be in the 50s, a cool day. then we get into wednesday, thursday and friday. that's when we will see a wind shift, start to warm things up and next friday, upper 60s, close to 70 in some neighborhoods. >> sounds good. looking forward to that. >> did you know that shoe almost lost his super bowl ring, left it in a bathroom at a burger joint. >> that's why i bring it out once a year. every time, i leave town, the weather's beautiful. the 49ers had their final practice before heading to new orleans for this sunday. they won't practice until wednesday, dealing with the media the first two days in the big easy. 49ers have only five players on the team that have play in the super bowl.
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so a lot of unchartered territory for most of the roster. one of the key players has been michael crabtree. he and collin cappernick have really clicked. all michael does is move the chain. >> he keeps catching and catching and catching the ball. next, his ability to -- to get open, his rout-running -- route-running ability. great receivers have these qualities, like a carpenter with a lot of tools. you can't say the hammer and the saw is more important than the other. very much a complete player. >> to the men in teale. >> sharks hosting colorado and keeping the win streak intact, 4-0. avalanche controlled early until brad stewart delt dealt a huge blow. sharks get a power play and
9:24 pm
patrick marleau with his first goal. up, 1-0. marleau scoring two goals in every game this season, why stop now? his nhl-league-leading eighth goal of the year. 24 saves in a career shutout. another first, matt irwin, fourth game -- first nhl goal, a laser. sharks open up 4-0 and back at it tomorrow night at the tank against vancouver. tennis' first major winding down. the women's final this morning at the australian open and the champion hoping to win a second straight title, down under. victoria roared back in the second set with the forehand that clips the corner and takes the set. after a 10-minute fireworks delay for australia day -- of course, watch this -- her opponent falls and hits her head on the court. she was checked out the medical team. after that, she was never really the same.
9:25 pm
victoria bounces. and she wins back-to-back aussie open titles with a three-set victory. wariors hit the road for a four-game swing in five nights -- brutal, going to milwaukee. probably ends up on every highligh jam. look at that. oh, my. curry, why isn't he an all-star? warriors up at the half. monte with the feed, finishes with the right hand, he had 20. he made brandon jennings, also a 20, nothing but net. steph curet and warriors lose their second game, in two nights. going down south, game all broncos in san diego. easy slam. he had 18.
9:26 pm
taking the hoop down. santa clara improves to 4-3 in wcc play. 74-60. the crowd here was jacked -- so was beau la vet with the steal. 9 for 11 from the field. 19 points, where's waldo, brad waldo, 13 points. they win 84-72. more for the 49ers, coming up at 11:00 on abc7. >> i like that you are sim patico with the sharks. >> hopefully it will be 6-0 with the super bowl. >> drastic measures after a college basketball game is interrupted. interrupted. what kept th look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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